How are my interests as a buyer protected?

Skelwith Fold upholds all the codes of professional conduct and good practice set down by the British Holiday and Home Parks Association, the park industry’s official representative body. In fact, members of the Wild family (which owns Skelwith Fold) have been associated at a senior level with the organisation for many years, and helped lay the foundations for its policies of customer fair dealing, approved by consumer organisations.

When you buy a holiday home at Skelwith Fold, you will be provided with an officially approved written agreement which will help ensure peace of mind in the years ahead. Within the agreement will be the all-important assurance of tenure: the right, in other words, to occupy the holiday home pitch for a given period of time – which in this case is 14 years. Other areas covered by the agreement include the frequency and level of increases in pitch fees for which at least three months’ notice is given. We are particularly proud that the majority of holiday home owners at Skelwith Fold stay with us for many years (sometimes even decades!). The quality of the park has a big part to play, of course – but so too, we like to think, does the strong emphasis we put on maintaining excellent customer relations. As a prospective buyer or existing owner, you are always welcome to talk with us on any matter, and our aim will always be to provide an answer which will meet with your satisfaction.