Nature Hide

Nature Hide Entrance

Nature Hide

The Nature Hide is a quiet and relaxing place tucked into the Skelwith woodland, where you can see a whole range of our local wildlife.

You can find the Nature Hide tucked away off the footpaths that wind through the Skelwith woodland. Be sure to enter quietly so as not to disturb the wildlife!

Once you are inside, you will find that you have a magical view into a wooded glade with feeders for birds and red squirrels. Take a seat on the benches and make yourself comfortable as you soak up the breath-taking views of the native wildlife. It is easy for hours to pass as you watch! Along with red squirrels and woodpeckers, you might be able to spot some deer, a fox, or even a badger if you’re around at the right time. It’s amazing how many creatures call Skelwith Fold home.

Take a look at the whiteboard to see what others before you have spotted recently – and make sure to add your own sightings before you leave. Not only does it help others know what they might expect to see, but it also helps the team at Skelwith Fold to monitor the health of the wildlife on the park. We take a lot of time and effort to nurture our native species and if we know what is around it means that we can more effectively care for our local environment.