Woodland Walks

woodland walk Skelwith

Woodland Walks

There are 130 acres of woodlands to explore with a wealth of flora and fauna to discover and identify. There are numerous pathways allowing the whole family to play and explore in the shade of the trees. Some will lead you to scenic view points to enjoy. Recent restoration work has made the paths accessible for buggies and wheelchairs – but please be aware that the paths are hardcore rather than tarmac and steep in places, which may still be strenuous for some visitors.

Walks for Younger Visitors

Kids of all ages can head off into the woods and let off some steam with some new friends. Or take a quieter approach by looking to spot some of the native wildlife including insects, birds and mammals which live here.

Throughout the woodland you will be able to spot many different places where we are taking action to help the local wildlife – from red squirrel feeding stations to areas of new forest growth being protected from hungry deer.

The mature, natural environment which surrounds Skelwith is certainly a special place for our younger visitors. Few other places can stimulate a young person’s imagination in the magical way Skelwith Fold does.

Award Winning Environment

The late botanist David Bellamy, who visited the park on a number of occasions and gave it his special Conservation Award, declared it to be a “wildlife wonderland”. On one visit he was thrilled to learn that our efforts, and those of holiday home owners, had helped reintroduce colonies of red squirrels in the grounds. They are one of our favourite woodland residents.

From the carpets of bluebells and daffodils in the spring to the foraging wildlife in the autumn. With the changing seasons there is always something different to enjoy in this environment.

We look forward to welcoming new guests so they can enjoy our delightful woodlands and the beautiful views which reveal themselves as you wander around the park.