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Advantage Club FAQs

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Take a look at our frequently asked questions regarding our Advantage Club.


Are Skelwith Fold’s “premium pitches” included in the special offers?

Yes, they are – subject only to availability on your chosen dates. In addition to the discounted rate you receive as a member (either on a last-minute deal, or on a third-off offer) you simply pay the difference between the standard pitch and premium pitch tariff for each night (please note electric, awning, additional cars and pets are chargeable)

How often will the last-minute deals be made available?

We will aim to make the deals available as often as we can in “off-peak” periods. They occur more at the start and end of the season. There is no limit to the number of times you can take advantage of these deals.

What will the last-minute prices be?

They will vary, and be influenced by a number of factors including the number of pitches available on the park on a given weekend. On some occasions, prices will be as low as £5 a night!

How far in advance will these pitches be released?

Pitches will be released on an ad-hoc basis at the discretion of the company. This could be as far in advance as a month or literally right up to the time of booking.

How will I find out details?

All members of the Skelwith Fold Advantage Club will be emailed simultaneously with the details when they are announced. In addition, they will be published on the members page of our website where we will also post a message when the allocation has been exhausted.

What if I wish to extend my stay?

If you wish to add days before or after a last-minute offer period, then our normal tariff applies to those days. However, as a club member you are entitled to 15-35% off the pitch price during non-peak periods, depending on the duration of your stay. Please note that only one discounted pitch offer may be used for any booking.

How far in advance can I book three-nights-for-two deals?

As long as the dates fall within in non-peak periods, as far ahead as you like

Can I book pitches beyond the expiry date of my current membership?

Most certainly, though of course you will need renew your membership in order to enjoy the offers and vouchers.

Will I receive a membership card?

Yes, as soon as you join the Advantage Club a membership card will be posted to you with your unique membership number

Do I need to produce my membership card?

Yes, you will need to produce your membership card at all times you wish to take advantage of offers, discounts, or any other promotions offered by the Advantage Club..

Do I print off my own vouchers?

The majority of vouchers will be available for you to print at home from your own printer.  There may occasionally be specific vouchers not available to print but these will be available at Skelwith reception for you to collect on arrival.  There may also be voucher codes for you to download and use, as some you may need to be pre-booked with some of these venues.

Can I print off more than one voucher?

Yes, but only one voucher may be used per transaction. In other words: one visit, one voucher.

How often will you add new offers from local attractions and restaurants?

As often as we can! The club’s secretary has already secured some excellent deals exclusively for club members – and is working on extra privileges all the time. Just ensure you check our members page on a regular basis for the latest deals.

Are these offers also available to my family and guests?

As a rule, yes – as long as they are accompanying you at the time (for example, when dining in the pub, or buying excursion tickets). Do check, though, any special terms and conditions which are attached to an offer and whether they might apply to you.

What shopping discounts are available to members at Skelwith Fold?

Skelwith Fold branded products from our on site shop, including Jams, Chutneys, Wines, Biscuits and more!. Current offers are posted on the club’s members page.

What perks do I get as a holiday home owner?

You get many perks as a holiday home owner at Skelwith Fold Caravan Park. Home owners can enjoy frequent visits throughout the year, with the freedom to come and go as you please throughout the season. You won’t need to worry about booking in advance – just jump in the car and go! We host a selection of owners only events for your enjoyment. These are a great way to meet your neighbours!

Cottages in Cumbria can be quite pricey, so static caravan ownership is  affordable alternative to a traditional bricks and mortar property. You can own a luxury holiday home from £25,000 with a 14-year security of tenure for exclusive holiday use only.

Holiday home owners can sign up to the Advantage Club loyalty club scheme to save on attractions and activities nearby.

I have a query which isn’t answered here. Who can help?

If you require help on any matter regarding your membership of the Skelwith Fold Advantage Club, please send an email to